GCA - Professional Staff Positions

Emery County School District

Policy: GCA-Professional Staff Positions

Date Adopted: 20 April 1988

Current Review / Revision: 1 September 2010

All professional staff positions in the District will be created initially by the Board. Although such positions may remain temporarily unfilled, only the Board may abolish a position it has created.

When a position is initially established by the Board, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of the job. The Superintendent will give a detailed job description for the position.

Among the most important qualifications for professional employees are professional preparation, professional experience, personality, and general culture. Candidates for teaching positions will possess as a minimum, a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and shall hold or be qualified for a teaching license or be on an Alternative Route to Licensure through the Utah State Board of Education. Specialized personnel, such as counselors, will possess or be qualified for the appropriate license. Where no acceptable qualified candidates are available for teaching, administrative, or specialized positions, the District may hire an individual and continue their employment until the required licensure and/or endorsements are obtained as approved by the Utah State Board of Education.

Each professional staff member will be responsible for meeting the qualifications and performing the duties listed in his/her job description.

It is the Board's intent to activate a sufficient number of positions to accomplish the school system's goals and objectives and to provide for the equitable staffing of each school building.